Online video fingerprinting technology will be used by child porn police to seek out and take down the offensive material from the internet.

Birmingham, UK-based Friend MTS says it has “donated” its F1 fingerprinting system to the International Centre for Missing and Exploited Children. Once enforcers have found child porn videos, they will encode the videos with a fingerprint. Then, when copies appear online, F1 will help them trace back through the distribution chain. (More on the project via Sky News.)

“They are going to be licensing our software not just to law enforcement but to private industry,” company president Charles Tillinghast, who was MSNBC’s long-time interactive president and CEO until 2012, tells Beet.TV.

The company’s main business line is seeking out illegal reproduced videos for sports leagues and their broadcaster rightsholders.

“We go out and search for every live stream on the web,” Tillinghast says. “Once we find it, we compare it to to the original content using our fingerprinting system, then we institute enforcement measures.”