Breakfast cereal maker Kellogg’s is a big advertising spender – and it plans to spend a bigger chunk of money in online video, now that new technology is finally proving just how many people really view its video ads.

“It was very important to consistently measure viewability and how we can make improvements in the performance of our campaigns in terms of being more in-view for each impression we put in to the marketplace,” Aaron Fetters, director of Frosted Flakes maker Kellogg’s analytics and solutions center, tells Beet.TV.

“My comfort level continues to rise every day. We’re seeing lots of progress by the publishers, the agencies, the advertisers. We’re just now entering the age of being able to accurately measure viewability for video. We’ve seen great success in the ability of online video to drive volume. We want to improve the effectiveness of that.”

New technology from several vendors is shining a light on how few online video ads are seen by real people, exposing the tactics used by publishers who make ads play without really being watched.

He was interviewed at the BrightRoll Video Summit. You can find more coverage of the BrightRoll summit here.

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