The Great Unwatched: Viewability Shifts Kellogg’s Video Ad Strategy

For the last year, online video advertisers have been realizing that as many as 40% of video ads played and paid for may not actually be viewed by humans on the other end. On Sunday, The New York Times ran a big feature that has taken this new idea, the dirty secret of true, “viewability”, […]


Kellogg’s Fetters on Big Progress in Video Ad Viewability

Breakfast cereal maker Kellogg’s is a big advertising spender – and it plans to spend a bigger chunk of money in online video, now that new technology is finally proving just how many people really view its video ads. “It was very important to consistently measure viewability and how we can make improvements in the […]


Kellogg Partners w/ BrightRoll, Google and Yahoo for Programmatic Ad Efforts

The Kellogg Company is one of the first big brands to embrace programmatic buying.  It is implementing its solution with BrightRoll, Google and Yahoo serving as its DSP partners, says Bob Arnold, Director of Digital and Social Media Strategy at Kellogg, in this interview with Beet.TV We spoke with him at the BrightRoll Video Summit […]