Video ad technology company Innovid struck a deal with the video data shop Veenome to provide deeper analytics into the true content of the actual videos that their customers run ads on, says Kevin Lenane, Founder and CEO of Veenome, during an interview at the Beet.TV executive retreat.  Under the deal, Innovid will use Veenome’s data for its work with agencies and brands.

“The buy side can see what we are offering,” Lenane tells us in this interview. In addition to this real video content data, Veenome provides its other customers viewability data on autoplay, player size and position, but also includes other analytics such as whether two videos played at the same time on a screen, he explains.

“If you are running pre-roll this will give you some idea of what you are running against,” he says. Veenome has inked other deals and should announce soon. In addition, the company expects to introduce a product that can be used to track viewability in real time.