French video ad tech outfit Teads has recently been garnering attention for its technology which places video adverts outside of video windows. Now it will give publishers enhanced management opportunities.

“Now we are releasing, in Europe, a full SSP option for publishers, helping them to monetize all their programmatic revenues.,” business development head Pierre de Grandmaison tells Beet.TV.

Teads sets out to capitalize on marketers’ video interest by utilizing the text inventory that is in greater supply online. Its “inRead” ad format, for instance, embeds scroll-linked video ads amongst news article text and is deployed by publishers including The Economist.

“The main issue with in-stream (ads) right now is there is limited inventory on the market,” de Grandmaison says. “Out-stream is a very good opportunity.”

De Gransmaison, who we have previously interviewed on Beet.TV, says “all the main news publishers all across Europe” are in talks to use Teads’ upcoming supply-side platform.

He spoke with us at Beet.TV’s annual executive retreat in Vieques, Puerto Rico.