BARCELONA — AOL will soon launch a native advertising unit aimed specifically at mobile publishers, AOL Networks global media director Chad Gallagher told Beet.TV at Mobile World Congress.

“We’re going to have a major announcement here in a few weeks about our native solution which we think will be really interesting,” Gallagher said.

“If you look at Facebook……they rolled out not a square banner but a native unit that really works for mobile.

“What we’re going to do is roll out something similar but for various publishers around the world, to kind of mimic what Facebook has done without having to build their own native solution, in-stream while you’re looking at an article.”

In the native content format, AOL’s ad units currently include brand blogs, infographics, listicles and lookbooks – all on Huffington Post. The upcoming solution sounds like it will be available to other publishers and be deliverable on mobile devices, where consumers are consuming an increasing amount of editorial.

AOL UK has previously said more than a third of its revenue will come from native advertising in 2014.