Many people think consumers hate it when brands advertise to them. In fact, some consumers often tend to love brands, says social video marketing insight outlet Zefr‘s Jason Kirk.

“The fans and their power and their passion is something that’s undeniable,” Kirk tells Beet.TV. “If you aren’t able to tap in to that… you’re missing out.

“People are fans of brands. They’re re-uploading commercials, they’re doing product reviews about the latest Samsung headset, they’re doing how-tos on makeup and beauty. These influencers … carry a lot of weight.”

Venice, California-based Zefr aims to help marketers identify the YouTube creators who are most influential around their brands, then reach out through those videos through targeted ads.

We taped this segment at the Mindshare Client Huddle, where Kirk was interviewed by Mindshare’s north America chief strategy officer Jordan Bitterman.