Context Fuels Brand Suitability: ZEFR’s Nicol

LONDON — The early-pandemic kerfuffle during which many advertisers blocked news sites from their ad-buying lists using “brand safety” tools seemed to teach the industry one thing – news is actually very safe, but it isn’t necessarily suitable for every brand. That’s why more companies in 2020 are starting to talk, instead, about “brand suitability”. But […]


Context Is In The Eye Of The Beholder: ZEFR’s Oakins

SAN FRANCISCO, CA — After 10 years of obsessively super-targeting audiences using digital profiling data, the ad industry pendulum is swinging a little back to an older method. Contextual targeting is the practice of aligning an ad with content, not with the individual audience member consuming that content. In truth, the outcome doesn’t have to be an […]


ZEFR’s Greenspan: We Want to Give Control Back to Brands

SAN FRANCISCO– When thinking about contextual advertising, ZEFR thinks about how brands can align with specific types of content that make sense based on their specific preferences. In an interview with Beet.TV’s Jon Watts at LiveRamp’s RampUp Summit, Jeremy Greenspan, svp and head of programmatic Sales at ZEFR, explained how the conversation around contextual has […]


Context Is King: ZEFR’s Raddon On Video Brand Suitability

Brand safety tools can only get you so far. To really understand whether a video is suitable for advertising against, many ad buyers are now turning to technology that can peer inside videos’ hidden data to more accurately describe it. “The problem with keyword analysis is that there’s a sparsity of language,” says ZEFR co-CEO Rich […]


ZEFR Helps Brands Make Sense Of YouTube

LAS VEGAS — If a consumer ripped a clip of your content and posted it to YouTube, would you chase her with a lawyer’s notice? Zach James would embrace the act. The co-CEO of video rights management and branding solutions startup ZEFR says his company “makes sense of the 90% of the videos that you […]


Branded Video Content Engine ‘Zefr’ Crushes comScore Rankings

Zefr, the Los Angeles based software platform for brand management, has become the second most popular channel on YouTube and has hit the top-ten most popular contents sources, according to the January comScore video rankings. In January at CES, we spoke with Jason Kirk, head of business development for Zefr about the opportunities for brands […]


Zefr’s Kirk: Brands Should Tap The Power Of Fans

Many people think consumers hate it when brands advertise to them. In fact, some consumers often tend to love brands, says social video marketing insight outlet Zefr‘s Jason Kirk. “The fans and their power and their passion is something that’s undeniable,” Kirk tells Beet.TV. “If you aren’t able to tap in to that… you’re missing out. […]


ZEFR’s BrandID Helps Brands See ‘Enormous Magnitude’ Of YouTube Fan Uploads

CANNES – Movie, TV and music rightsholders already have a way to identify and monetize unauthorized YouTube uploads, using ZEFR’s Content ID service. Now marketers, too, can learn when their brands appear in unofficial YouTube videos. Speaking to Beet.TV at the Cannes Lions advertiser conflab, where ZEFR was pushing its new Brand ID service, Chip […]