The growing sophistication of both TV and online data is making cross-platform media mix modeling more reliable, says Mark McKee, Senior VP Global Marketing and Strategy at Videology in an interview with Beet.TV. “The first party and third party purchase behavior is effective in reaching and delivering both brand and sales metrics,” he says in a conversation about different types of data and tactics used in video advertising on TV and via digital venues.

“Companies like Xaxis and brands are breaking down the silos, and we are seeing a common focus on objective and outcome, and then worrying about the tactics separately,” he says. “People are realizing there are many tactics, and media and digital all play a role, so how do we make them work together,” he says.

TV and digital programming are also moving closer together with the focus on premium programming and ads. Premium inventory online isn’t cheap, even if marketers buy programmatically, he explains. “Operationally, programmatic can be more efficient, but if you want quality content, it’s not cheaper. It’s more expensive. If you’re cherry picking the best, you’re going to pay for it,” he says.

For more insight into how creative is changing and being informed by data, as well as the status of media mix modeling, check out this video interview.

McKee was interviewed on stage by Furious Minds CEO Ashley J. Swartz at the Beet.TV summit on programmatic advertising for video hosted by Xaxis in New York and sponsored by Videology.