Videos on The New York Times have been watched a record 12 million times by some three million “unique” viewers in October, according to data provided to Beet.TV by comScore, denoting a 12 month rise of nearly 100 percent.

Seeking to increase that number, both on the site and off , by scaling production and distribution, the Times has been staffing up its video editorial and business operations and will soon have syndication agreements with big portals and syndicators, says Rebecca Howard, GM for Video, in this interview with Beet.TV

Presently, The Times syndicates via Hulu.  It also has a channel on YouTube.

In this interview, Howard shared an update on the growth of video at the Times, the emergence of  mobile consumption and the launch of The Times daily segment  New York Minute.

In this interview, she explains the value of video being associated with text reporting  but notes an expanding opportunity for videos to be distributed and consumed as vide0-only editorial.

Howard joined The Times earlier this year from AOL/Huffington Post.