Today, the TV tuning habits of a million American households is helping Kantar Media advertising partners target digital ads. Tomorrow, the applications could be far more widespread.

“One of the things on our roadmap, as we’re very integrated in television, is to broaden the perspective,” Kantar chief commercial officer Bud Breheney tells Beet.TV.

“You have people that are using their television 6+ hours a day – you’re looking at unbelievable granular aspects of that. There’s obviously television tuning benefits to programmers, to advertisers – but we’re really now reaching in to branding agencies as they’re trying to look at ‘What does this tell me about people?'”

These multiple angles of perspective give Kantar’s data a role in the media-mix modelling environment.

“Return-path data as a source has many applications – we’re just starting to mine those opportunities,” Breheney says.

Breheney was interviewed by Furious Minds CEO Ashley Swartz at Beet.TV’s TV Programmatic Summit, hosted at Xaxis and presented by Videology.