This year, Dutch TV data provider Civolution has been helping social ad firm Optimal place Facebook ads on second screens, chronologically synchronized with TV ads. Next up, the firm wants to get a lot more detailed.

“2013 was all bat establishing the goalset,” Civolution senior product manager Stefan Maris tells Beet.TV. “2014 will be all about, ‘How can we increase the effectiveness on top of what we already did?'”

To that end, Civolution aims to bring in more cookie data and “predictive GRPs” (gross rating points) to better target those ads.

Maris says the synced Facebook ads impressed an entertainment studio client with lift in campaign engagement: “The power of this product is, you merge the emotion and reach of television with the transparency and actionability of digital.”

Maris was interviewed by Furious Minds CEO Ashley Swartz at Beet.TV’s TV Programmatic Summit, hosted at Xaxis and presented by Videology.