If a tree falls in a forest but no-one’s around to hear it, has it really made a sound? That’s the question Publicis will try to answer in video marketing, by establishing whether online videos played back have really been viewed by humans at screens.

The agency’s VivaKi digital group is contracting Vindicio’s Adtricity as its preferred suite to establish the viewability of video assets played by its marketing clients.

Viewability looks like becoming a key topic next year for advertisers increasingly keen on proving the efficiency of their spend.

As much as 40% of video views are fraudulent, using techniques like auto-playing and moving videos out of browser viewports to take advertiser spend for videos that humans didn’t really watch, Vindico president Matt Timothy told Beet.TV in our video interview this summer.

Adtricity reports viewability by assigning an A to F quality rating based on total time ads were in view, their placement on screens and user’s browser tab activity.

“Adtricity will help our advertisers better understand the quality execution of their campaigns using Vindico’s standardized and transparent system of measurement,” says Kurt Unkel global president of Audience On Demand (AOD) at VivaKi.