LONDON — The French programmatic advertising market is shaping up as a hotbed for innovation in real-time buying, says Andrew Moore, European Managing Director of SpotXchange, in an interview with Beet.TV. For instance, the French market has embraced publisher collectives, in which groups of premium publishers come together create their own marketplace. In addition, new programmatic buying technology is emerging in France, he says.

In general, the European market for programmatic buying is poised for growth. About 12% of video in the United Kingdom, Germany, France, Italy and Spain is sold programmatically and that will increase to one-third by 2017, he tells us, citing a research study IHS conducted this fall on behalf of SpotXchange.

Look for smart TVs as a possible innovation platform next. France has led the charge in connected TVs, and SpotXchange is working closely with TV broadcasters and TV app developers to make smart TV inventory available programmatically.

“Whatever platform your video sits on, you should be able to monetize it programmatically,” he says.