Premium Ads Beginning To Drive Programmatic: SpotXchange’s Moore

CANNES, France — Initially seen as a way to trade in low-quality online ad spots, so-called “programmatic” technologies are growing up as top-tier publishers dip toes in the water. “In video, we’re seeing a huge shift in RTB (real-time bidding) – in buyers buying programmatically in an auction,” says programmatic ad tech vendor SpotXchange’s EMEA […]


French Market Leading Charge in Programmatic Buying, Innovation, SpotXchange’s Andrew Moore

LONDON — The French programmatic advertising market is shaping up as a hotbed for innovation in real-time buying, says Andrew Moore, European Managing Director of SpotXchange, in an interview with Beet.TV. For instance, the French market has embraced publisher collectives, in which groups of premium publishers come together create their own marketplace. In addition, new […]