One name with which some in the online video business may not be overly familiar is Vidyo. The New Jersey-based provider of videoconferencing technology often sits in the background whilst its clients roll out products partly based on its code.

“Google Hangouts (video chat) is built on the Vidyo technology,” Vidyo VP Ray Glynn tells Beet.TV in this video interview.

“Google has dramatically changed the way it works. They’ve made it standard-definition only because they’re paying for the bandwidth; it looks a little bit different from standard Vidyo.”

Vidyo’s relationship with the big search firm was consolidated this summer when the pair announced the VP9 video codec mooted by Google and the WebRTC browser protocols it has advanced through the W3C would incorporate Vidyo’s video compression extensions.

For more on how Vidyo, together with Kaltura, helping bring recordable, replayable video conferencing to an education sector about to undergo a video revolution, watch the full interview with Glynn.