Programmatic ad trading facilitator Rubicon Project is rising on growing interest among publishers like News Corp to sell ads using the technique on their own terms.

Although some publishers believe the ad-selling model devalues their ad inventory, News Corp and The New York Times this year launched their own programmatic ad exchanges – the latter using DoubeClick Ad Exchange and the former using Rubicon’s infrastructure across its global vehicles.

Rubicon international GM Jay Stevens tells Beet.TV in this video interview: “Whether it’s the Wall Street Journal, The Times, The Sun, the News Digital Australia properties – the concept is allowing one property to be able to programmatically sell another property and be able to easily traffic those campaigns… being able to leverage the collective data among all those assets.”

Such business is one line that’s driving Rubicon at the moment. “Increasingly we’re seeing a dramatic rise of programmatic premium, direct order automation, private marketplaces – there’s a number of words to describe it,” Stevens adds.

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