Starcom’s Isaacs: Majority Of Video Ads Could Be Programmatic

NAPA, Ca — For video, adoption of automated, targeted inventory buying labelled “programmatic” lags the wave seen in display advertising. But, soon, that could all be about to change, says one agency exec. “Right now, we’re still somewhere at the forefront,” Starcom’s video investment director Zach Isaacs tells Beet.TV in this video interview. “(Programmatic’s share […]


Programmatic in Canada: It Eliminates Manual Inefficiencies, M2’s Pate

NAPA, Ca — The so-called “programmatic” buying of online advertising is garnering plenty of headlines, but can mean different things to different buyers, says Will Pate, digital VP of Interpublic’s Canadian agency M2. “The opportunity is to take out that big ad ops piece – the inefficiencies and frictions in the marketplace – and free […]


Automated Video Ad Buying Growing Up Down Under

NAPA, Ca — Online advertising’s programmatic evolution is radiating from the US, through the UK and Europe, and is now lapping Australia’s shores. “Most of our clients are on board with the concept and are shifting considerable budgets over in to the concept of programmatic buying,” Phil Cowlinshaw, Head of Technology at Australian media agency […]


Programmatic Direct, “Where The Rubber Meets The Road,” LiveRail’s Balan

NAPA, Ca — Just when the industry was beginning to understand how “programmatic” and then “programmatic premium” were beginning to boost ad sales efficiency, another variant of the technology cropped up this year – “programmatic direct”. But one ad tech exec says this is the moniker that will really define the emerging space; at least, […]


SpotXchange CEO: Publishers Forced To Please Ad Buyers With Programmatic

NAPA, Ca — Until lately, many premium publishers had frowned on the rise of automated online ad buying that they feared drove down the cost of their ad space. Now the likes of News Corp and New York Times are themselves launching programmatic sales operations. Online video tech firm SpotXchange‘s CEO Mike Shehan tells Beet.TV […]


Creative Advertising Essential for Programmatic, Ashley Swartz Reports from TubeMogul Event

NAPA, CA — Programmatic video is becoming a more holistic part of media plans, but challenges remain in creative, liquidity and more refined targeting, says Ashley J. Swartz, CEO and Founder of Furious Minds, in this round-up summary report for Beet.TV,  from the TubeMogul  event that concluded today. “Creative optimization and getting creatives more involved […]