AMSTERDAM — Delivering adaptive-bitrate video streaming efficiently to smartphones could soon get much easier, with mobile chip maker Qualcomm pledging to use the MPEG-DASH video standard in a broader range of devices.

“We believe it is the right direction for the video industry,” Qualcomm senior product manager Aytec Biber tells Beet.TV in this video interview at the International Broadcasting Convention.

Qualcomm has shipped a DASH client on its latest range of Snapdragon chips since november last year, reaching handsets from LG, Samsung, HTC and others. And more is to come.

“We will be widening support, integrating DASH clients to lower-tier devices, so we can have a much bigger footprint of Qualcomm-enabled devices on the field,” Biber added. “In 2014, a majority of Qualcomm devices will support DASH natively.”

MPEG-DASH videos sense available network bandwidth and adjust streaming video quality accordingly to maintain as high a definition as possible.

Earlier this summer, Brightcove warned that early adoption of MPEG-DASH could lead to vendor dependence or lock-down.