AMSTERDAM — When US TV operator HBO launched a VOD service in to the Nordic countries 13 months ago, HBO Nordic, it was as a joint project with local digital video tech firm, Parsifal.

Now the latter says it wants to pull off similar tricks elsewhere around the world.

“We’re looking in a lot of places – but mostly Europe, Middle East and Asia, we’re looking globally,” Parsifal Entertainment Group CEO Sushil Kambampati tells Beet.TV in this video interview from IBC.

Peter Ekelund’s Parsifal aims to help operators set up over-the-top VOD services. “We’re focusing on providing business systems that make it easy for an operator to know who is watching, what they’re watching and on what devices,” Kambampati says.

“If you don’t have this information on subscribers, then you don’t know your market.”

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