SAN FRANCISCO  –The use of mobile devices has boosted all video viewing by 38% year over year, said digital media technology company Freewheel in its just-released report on Q2 video viewing. The growth comes largely from tablet and mobile viewing, and many consumers are using these devices to watch longer programs. Long-form viewing comprises about 45% of ad views.

These numbers speak to the one of the key trends in digital media and that’s the growing integration between TV and digital video buying and planning, said Doug Knopper, Co-founder and Co-CEO of FreeWheel during a video interview with Beet.TV. “It’s no longer an us against them. It’s becoming one big integrated marketplace,” he said.

As an example, FreeWheel recently paired up with Nielsen to layer in its online campaign ratings into the FreeWheel system. That helps to bring TV metrics to digital video. In addition, FreeWheel struck a deal with MediaOcean to extend its TV buying and planning tools into digital inventory from AOL with plans to bring the solution to a wider market soon, Knopper said.

We spoke with Knopper last week at the Beet.TV networking party in San Francisco.