AMSTERDAM — Is this the end for “end-to-end”?

It often seems like every online video technology vendor is flaunting its “end-to-end” credentials. But, whilst they have boasted of offering content clients every single video function under the sun, the big video services Brightcove has gone in the opposite direction.

“The single biggest strategic pivot that we’ve made in the last 12 to 18 months has been taking what was an end-to-end video publishing system and breaking it up in to a series of components that can exist independently,” Brightcove’s EMEA media VP Luke Gaydon tells Beet.TV.

“The reason we did this was driven straight out of the broadcasting segment. A lot of broadcasters have a huge amount of investment … in an existing technology stack – expecting them to throw that whole thing out and replace it … it wasn’t working for them.

“But they love our platform players, they love Zencoder for cloud encoding… so why don’t we just make it easy for them to plug those existing components in to an existing stack?”

The strategy shows Brightcove zigging while many others zag. But this product flexibility is not exclusive, Gaydon adds in this video interview from the IBC show.

“Ultimately, we’d like them to be able to use everything,” he says. “(The components) can be used to be connected to create that whole publishing workflow.”