AMSTERDAM — Speaking with multiple online video players at the International Broadcasting Convention, you get the feeling the industry has converged on one main challenge this year – how to deliver video to a burgeoning number of different devices.

“We see device fragmentation,” Boston-based Brightcove media and broadcast services CTO Albert Lai tells Beet.TV in this video interview.

“The number of physical devices is exploding. Different manufacturers, hardware profiles, OS versions. We’re trying to build extraction layers for our players. Our goal is to eliminate the complexity.”

Recognizing that their viewers now want to watch via an array of screens and at different times, content owners are racing to make their video available via multiple means. But that is a technological challenge.

Announced at IBC, Brightcove’s Zencoder is handling transcoding for Belgian transmission tech firm EVS’ C-Cast suite, which can pump out segments of live video for super-quick on-demand access.

“I can be in a bar, at the stadium or at home in bed,” Lai adds. “I can get near-real time replays from multiple different camera angles.”