Brands should chill out about not having control of popular new online platforms and embrace them with unique, native ad creative, says a Publicis digital executive.

“People who engage with video on a brand-owned site are watching, say, a minute of it,” according to Digitas media group director George Hammer. “When you take that content and put it out in to the places where people want to watch, where they already at consuming content, it’s about 40% longer.”

Hammer was speaking at Beet.TV’s Video Ad Effectiveness Summit, where he was also asked whether marketers should simply repurpose their 30-second TV spots for the new platforms.

“When we first started out, we were taking the same TV ads, putting them in as many places as possible,” he responded. “That had an impact on awareness.

“What we’re seeing now with products like Twitter, TV Ad Sync and other products… we have an on-air ad experience and an online that complements it and continues to tell that story and brings people deeper down the rabbit hole. It’s leading to longer attention cycles, more engagement and better purchase intent results.”

Watch the taped interview for more of Hammer’s insights.  This event was sponsored by Nielsen.