When Extreme Reach CEO John Roland spoke with Beet.TV a year ago, he forecast how it will be “a pretty exciting year” for the firm, which helps brands distribute their video ads across the many new video platforms and TV.

As if proving that prediction, today his company offered to buy DGIT‘s Video Fusion TV advertising unit for $485 million in cash.

Interestingly, this deal sees Extreme Reach buy further capacity in distribution of conventional TV ads and leaves DGIT focusing solely on online video ads.

But, as Roland told Beet.TV in this video we are republishing today, there is still significant value in taking ads that originate in online video back to the living room screen.

Roland is a former exec of the company Extreme Reach is buying. Ad Exchanger speculates: “Given Extreme Reach’s private company status and recent $50 million in equity investment, it would not be surprising to see the company attempt an Initial Public Offering in the next year.”