Las Vegas-based startup blurbIQ has an exciting vision for livening up video ads. And now it it can bring that vision to a wider audience, following a deal with LiveRail.

CEO Scott Reese tells Beet.TV in this video interview blurbIQ‘s technology, which adds games and other engagement features in to video ad inventory, plugs in to LiveRail’s video ad management and tracking service, which represents a large number of videos on the web.

“We are able to leverage the inventory that LiveRail represents,” Reese says. “The brand decides they want to behavioral-target certain people – we load up those parameters in to LiveRail, LiveRail hits all the publishers based on those parameters.”

Having introduced interactive engagement to video ads, blurbIQ now wants to do the same for photographs.

“Images are static right now,” Reese adds. “We’ve come up with a technology that allows us to scratch off a static image in editorial content… the consumer can perhaps peel off a dog-ear which unlocks a whole addition layer of interactivity. You can unlock additional images or video that plays within the image.”

Watch the video for more insights.