Having built a business verifying newsworthy amateur video  for YouTube and several professional news organizations, Storyful now wants to  have uploaders  profit from their work as well as properly control their rights.

In this video interview, executive editor David Clinch tells Beet.TV the Dublin-based start-up recently introduced features to help users manage the rights for their videos across multiple Web portals including YouTube, AOL and Yahoo – as well as to many mainstream news organizations including Reuters and ABC News. .

“We can help them monetize it … as well as license it to news organizations who now know that they have the right to use the content with the proper courtesy back to the owner,” Clinch says.

“We only started doing this seriously at the beginning of 2013 and we already have 400 million views on YouTube that we’re managing.”

Three years old, now Storyful is at “a very interesting stage in our business”, Clinch adds: “It’s created a lot of interest from our news partners in taking it to the next level. We have a number of discussions going on currently about how we can scale what we can do.”