Launched in collaboration with comScore and Arbitron, ESPN’s Project Blueprint, measures content consumption across five-platforms: radio, television, PCs, smartphones and tablets – and is the first measurement initiative to do so. Beet.TV spoke with Glenn Enoch, VP of Integrated Market Research for ESPN, at ESPN’s offices in Manhattan.

ESPN announced their initial findings earlier in June.

“We want to keep track of how sports fans navigate from platform to platform, that’s really the purpose of the research project,” Enoch says. “What we want is something that’s taking place everyday, so 365 days a year we can tell how people are using all the different platforms they can get ESPN content on.”

But the most significant aspect of the study isn’t about the specific findings, he says.

“The main thing that we’ve gotten out of Project Blueprint so far really isn’t about the findings. It’s really the fact that it works at all,” Enoch says. “The learning part of it for us was the second goal. The first goal was to get this up and running and see that it worked.”