CANNES — While marketers are focused on content creation, one of the biggest challenges for brands is where to go next in this growing field, says Adam Shlachter, Senior VP at Digitas during an interview with Beet.TV.

“We are all curious how we can shape the market and work together and collaborate with agency partners and clients to create the right platforms whether through real-time marketing or original branded video or co-creations or working with consumers to help create a story,” he says, pointing to work Digitas has done with Taco Bell and American Express in live venues or via participatory events as examples of the range of content creation work. The key to success is finding the right platform for the content to live on, and the best ways to connect with consumers for a brand. However, there isn’t a one-size fits all approach. “It can’t be done in a vacuum and it can’t be done for everyone,” he says.

We spoke to him at Cannes Lions after a session on online video moderated by AOL video chief Ran Harnevo.