On June 27, CrowdFlik announced the launch of their new, free app that allows users to create and share custom edits of event-driven, crowd-sourced video. Beet.TV spoke with Chris Hamer, CEO and Founder of CrowdFlik, about the launch at our New York studio earlier in June.

“We’ve simplified it down to its bits and bytes,” says Hamer of the CrowdFlik editing process – no manual required. After joining an event, the app synchronizes users’ location and synchronizes time using the U.S. Naval Atomic Clock. Users can then create edits from videos uploaded to the app from different devices – creating a multi-camera style video.

“It’s really a gamification of video,” he says.

The multi-camera and editorial aspects of CrowdFlik make it different from YouTube, Hamer says.

“CrowdFlik allows you to be infinitely creative in your expression of the event – in editing, creating “fliks”, and sharing them in the whole social platform,” Hamer says.