CANNES — When it comes to digital advertising: “The big trend I’m seeing is starting to think about users as opposed to buying audience,” according to one ad tech service vendor.

Will Price, CEO of content marketing technology firm Flite, tells Beet.TV: “It used to be that brands would buy context to get their messages across. If they were a golf site, they would buy (ads in) golfing newspapers, golfing magazines, golfing television.

“Now there is more of this holistic approach about thinking about users – knowing who your user is, are they are customer?, are they not a customer?, where are they in the purchase funnel?… As opposed to just blindly buying publisher sites that happen to be topically relevant to the brand in question.”

One of a number of vendors to try uniting different advertising techniques for brands, Flite repackages marketers’ content efforts for conventional digital ad units, like this Walmart medical video skyscraper.