Working with Nielsen’s OCR ratings can help brands make better predictions about the best ads to target to different consumers, says Teg Genager, Founder and Chief Product Officer at Adap.TV, during an an interview with Ashley Swartz, CEO of NY digital consultancy Furious Minds and a regular contributor to Beet.TV. Adap.TV paired up with Nielsen in April and is using the data to help marry online and TV buying. “We are starting to run OCR broadly and get the learnings back,” he says in this interview taped at the VideoNuze event in New York. The Nielsen pair-up helps to optimize online buying by offering a comparable GRP metric for both TV and online video buys.

“Digital video needs to be planned and bought along with TV as part of an overall brand budget,” Genager says. “Even though programmatic buying has been powerful in achieving objectives, it hasn’t worked well for brand campaigns.” Under the Nielsen partnership, Adap.TV can index for different audience segments more effectively across online demographics. For more insight into how Adap.TV is working with online campaign ratings, check out this video interview.