LONDON – TV engagement app zeebox is developing new features that will let Pacific-time and VOD viewers revel in the same social experience as live audiences.

“We’re going to try to replay the entire experienced synchronised to the catchup,” co-founder Anthony Rose told Beet.TV in this interview. “You recorded Downton Abbey; we’ll bring you the timed tags and, very shortly, even the tweets.

“That’s something people are asking us on the west coast – can we get the no-spoilers tweets? That’s something that’s coming not in the first release but very shortly afterwards.”

Rose has harboured ambitions for on-demand or time-shifted social engagement since zeebox’s launch. In January, he licensed Entourage, Gracenote’s automatic content recognition (ACR) technology to power the feature by zeebox’s listening to the audio track of shows being watched by viewers.

We interviewed him in the zeebox headquarters in Covent Garden.