LONDON – Addressable advertising enables GroupM media agency Mindshare, to use their clients’ budgets in the most efficient way, says Norm Johnston, global digital leader for Mindshare Worldwide, in this video interview with Beet.TV

Johnston says addressable advertising is improving with tools provided by GroupM’s Xaxis.

“Now, that’s coming to TV. It’s coming to other media, as well, with magazines going to iPads, et cetera,” Johnston says. “But we’re not quite there yet in the sense of joining all those things up. I think that is the holy grail when we can get to the point where we know if you’ve seen an ad on TV, we can then target you on your mobile phone and then follow up on the tablet and the PC and attribute all that to give proper credit to the media investment.”

Johnston says this technology isn’t fully formed yet, but anticipates this style of ad targeting will be functioning in the next couple years.

Beet.TV spoke with Johnston at GroupM headquarters during the Beet.TV Video Ad Strategy Summit presented by Videology.

– Katy Charles