LAS VEGAS —  As digital devices become more intertwined, look for phones to start to “mingle” with TVs in interesting ways, says Jonathan Bokor, Senior VP and Director of Advanced Media at MediaVest, in an interview with Beet.TV at the Consumer Electronics Show.

Consumer electronics manufacturer LG, for example, is showing a technology that lets users touch their phones to a disc, using NFC (or near-field communication), to port what’s on the phone to the TV, he says. “People talk about Web browsing on the TV, and generally TVs don’t have the horsepower to support that, but if you can take your phone…which is becoming a powerful computer, then you can have a Web experience on your TV that is pretty robust,” he says. He also expects addressable TV to gain more scale in the year ahead. For more insight into addressable TV, the convergence of mobile and TV, and what’s hot at CES, check out this video interview.

-Daisy Whitney

Editor’s Note:  This segment has been produced as part of a series of coverage of CES sponsored by SMG, Starcom MediaVest Group.