ESPN rolled out an expansion of its TV Everywhere product with the launch of WatchESPN within the Xbox Live app that brings live ESPN programming to the gaming console, says Raphael Poplock, VP Games and Partnerships at ESPN.

He shares details with Beet.TV on the features and services enabled by the new rollout, as well as how it fits into the digital array of programming the sports media company offers.

WatchESPN is available to authenticated subscribers, so users need to log in to verify they have multichannel services, he explains. “We want to stay true to the cable model,” Poplock tells Beet.TV

Previously, XBox users could access ESPN3, which includes 3,500 live events and clips. With WatchESPN, users can view authenticated sevices from ESPN, ESPNU, ESPN2 and more, Poplock tells us. New features include split-screen viewing, improved navigation and personalization. “You can get content pushed to you, so you get live events or on-demand highlights to you,” he explains in this video interview.

Daisy Whitney