Video to Move to Center Stage at IAB Annual Leadership Summit

With the IAB’s management of the upcoming Digital Content NewFronts program slated for late April in NYC, digital video will be moving front and center of next week’s IAB Annual Leadership Meeting in Scottsdale, explains Randall Rothenberg, CEO of the trade association for digital publishers, in this interview with Beet.TV


The Future of Digital Publishing will be via HTML5, not Apps, MIT’s Jason Pontin

While Apps have broad utility for media publishers, they are not needed as the associated development costs and complexities are unnecessary, says Jason Pontin, Editor and Publisher of MIT’s Technology Review, in this interview with Beet.TV


Gannett Chief Digital Officer Payne: Stations Using Tools to Expand Video Views

Gannett-owned local TV stations are exploring ways to extend video views and video advertising into new types of content and beyond the traditional geographic boundaries of TV broadcasters, says David Payne, Senior VP and Chief Digital Officer with the Gannett Company, during an interview with Beet.TV at the Beet.TV Leadership Summit on Big Data.


The Huffington Post Readies Luanches in North Africa, Brazil, Japan — Stay Tuned for HuffPost Live on Cable

The Huffington Post, a unit of AOL, has been expanding internationally over the past 18 months with ventures in Canada, the U.K., France and Italy.   It is now poised to go globally this year with editions being readied for the North African Maghreb nations, Japan and Brazil, says Jimmy Maymann, CEO of Huffington Post Media […]


Agency Trading Desk Xaxis Buys Audiences Rather Than Media

Xaxis, GroupM’s “agency trading desk,” is focused on transforming data into audience portraits.  Christina Beaumier, VP of Global Client Development at Xaxis, says, “We aggregate all of GroupM’s demand for audiences and then reach out into the marketplace to find the right inventory for those audiences.”  In this session from the recent Beet.TV executive retreat, […]


MediaVest’s Bokor: Interactivity Taking Off With Two Screens & Targeting

Addressable TV, two-screen interactivity and targeted advertising are all possible now, but marketers first need to make sure targeting makes sense for the brand, says Jonathan Bokor, Senior VP and Director of Advanced Media at MediaVest, during an interview taped at the recent Beet.TV executive retreat. “You need to start with the client’s objectives. Is it reach, frequency, […]


AOL Videos Scales Online as Some Shows Move to Television

Video is growing quickly at AOL.  The company is now streaming around 700 million videos a month and reaching about 42 million unique viewers.  “If you think about the scale, these are actually TV numbers,” Tal Simantov, General Manager of AOL On, told us in an interview at the recent Beet.TV executive retreat.


The “Second Phase of Online Video” is All About Metadata, RAMP’s Tom Wilde

While the fundamental the technology of video publishing is well established, the “second phase”  is about making content contextually relevant, across devices and in real-time.  The key is the use of metadata, says Tom Wilde CEO of RAMP, the Boston-based company that provides data services to big publishers and TV networks including NBC Universal, Fox […]


Video Services Provider Katura Finds Big Upside in Enterprise and Higher Ed Customers

When open source video platform Kaltura first launched. it appealed primarily to the media vertical, as the media industry was the first to use video online.


Multiscreen Measurement of Video To Bring Re-aggregation of Fragmented Audiences, MediaVest’s Bokor

A true multi-screen measurement system would open new opportunities for marketers in digital advertising by re-aggregating fragmented audiences, says Jonathan Bokor, Senior VP and Director of Advanced Media at MediaVest, during an interview taped at the recent Beet.TV executive retreat.


Dailymotion Opens Studios in Paris and New York in Branded Content Push

The giant video site Dailymotion, which has worked with marketers primarly as a distribution platform, is doubling down on content production for brands with new studios set to open soon in Paris and New York, says Roland Hamilton, Managing Director of Dailymotion in the U.S.


AOL Readies Launch of Syndication Platform for Branded Videos

AOL, one of the largest syndicators of news/lifestyle/entertainment videos from a range of publishers, will soon launch a platform for marketers to broadly distibute branded content.


Group M’s Rob Norman on Hulu, Measurement and the Meaning of Convergence

VIEQUES, Puerto Rico — Advertisers, media companies and programmers have been grappling with convergence for more than twenty years, and it’s finally taking shape in some areas, notably with TV-quality content across platforms, says Rob Norman, Chief Digital Officer at GroupM Global, during an interview with Beet.TV at the Beet Retreat 2013 in Vieques, Puerto Rico.


Exciting News and Wild Horses, All Here at Beet.TV

Here’s the big news and various updates from the Beet world: I have bootstrapped Beet.TV with the support of the boutique PR firm I founded 20 years ago. The staff, and my partner Kent Holland in particular, have allowed me to grow it over the past seven years. And I am grateful.


Mobility Will Have the Greatest Impact for Marketers, SMG’s Sheehy

LAS VEGAS — Mobility will be the most impactful medium for marketers over the next couple of years Says John Sheehy, President of Global Operations for Stacom MediaVest Group, in this inteview with Beet.TV’s Ashley Swartz.


Comcast Media Strategist Kavita Vazirani: “Archaic” Audience Measurement has to Change

LAS VEGAS – As video consumption expands beyond television, audience measurement must change, says Kavita Vazirani, VP for Media Strategy for Comcast in this conversation with Beet.TV’s Ashley Swartz.


Ensequence Drives TV Ratings up to 20 Percent with Interactivity for “First Screen”

While much has been said about a “second screen” powering television viewership, Ensequence is harnessing the power of the TV set, or “first screen,” in driving ratings as much as 20 percent for programmers, says CEO Peter Low, in this interview with Beet.TV


WPP’s 24/7 Media Touts Cross-Platform Monetization

As consumer video viewing spreads across devices, advertisers increasingly will want tools and analytics to track, measure and reach those audiences. That’s what 24/7 Media is aiming to do, Nicolle Pangis, President of Real Media Group, a division of 24/7 Media, WPP’s marketing technology company, tells Beet.TV in an interview.


TubeMogul Nets $20 Million in New Venture Round

TubeMogul, the Emeryville, California based video advertising services has raised $20 million in a series C round, the company announced today.


Commentary: Time Shifted Viewing of TV Presents New Opps for Programmers

With an estimated half of television viewing now happening among U.S. television viewers, there will be an emerging opportunity for cable programmers to deliver content outside the convential cable/satellite system, says analyst Ashley Swartz in her commentary for Beet.TV  

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