BOSTON- Video company, 3Play Media's interactive transcripts linking text to a video's audio/visual content, is helping firms make their video more accessible, searchable and engaging says its Co-Founder, Josh Miller, in this video interview with Beet.TV

The Cambridge based firm was founded by four MIT graduates looking to combine video captioning and transcription by using the automatic speech recognition process with human editing. 

Today, every video is put through speech recognition first, errors created by the automatic system are then edited to produce a document with text that is synchronized with the video, Miller explains.

This allows viewers to click on a word or piece of text, which takes them to the relevant video segment he adds.

Netflix, the IRS and Havard Business Publishing are among 3Play Media's current roster of customers.

 We spoke with Josh Miller at the Brightcove global conference in Boston last month, on the technology behind the firm's services and its effect on video SEO.

Nitya Rajan