LAS VEGAS –Consumer electronics TV set maker LG is offering new apps and tools for app developers for smart TVs in the year ahead. At the CES show, we talked to Matt Durgin, Director Smart TV Content, LG Electronics USA about how the new generation of connected TVs are accommodating both apps and ads.

Late last year, LG struck a deal with online video network YuMe to bring online video ads to connected TVs, including the app-centric home screen. The benefit of delivering ads to that environment is they can be interactive and also highly targeted via user behavior or geography, Durgin said. “Now you can see more relevant ads,” he said. As LG marches forwards in connected TVs, the manufacturer has added more support for developers using both HTML and Flash and will also include more support for testing apps, he said.

Also at CES, LG shared more details on its smart TV with Google TV.

Daisy Whitney