LAS VEGAS — Yahoo! Connected TV, a software program installed in a number of Internet-ready television sets, will soon allow producers and advertisers to enhance the viewing experience with a variety of interactive features, the company announced at CES.

At CES, we spoke with Ronald Jacoby, VP of the Connected TV Group at Yahoo! for this overview on the product and the functionality.

Here's the take on the news by Rafe Needleman at CNET. Rafe also reports on a news of a stand-alone box which can be purchased to bring Yahoo to TV's which are not programmed with the company's software.

Here is a round-up story on CES and connected TV's by Brian Stelter in The New York Times.

Update:  The Wall Street Journal is reporting that Disney may make content available to the Yahoo platform.

Andy Plesser

Editor's Note:  Many thanks to our fantastic West Coast producer Jeff Brooks for this and so much more of our exclusive CES coverage.  Please check back all this week for a number of segments from the show.