SAN BRUNO, CA — YouTube, which announced in November the availability to create computer generated text captions of video on a limited number of channels, is announcing today that it is making voice-to-text captioning available to most video channel producers.

YouTube also plans to make transcriptions available in languages other than English.  Jason Kincaid at TechCrunch has some details that are being presented at a press conference now in San Bruno.

Late last year, Daisy went to Google's Mountain View headquarters to speak with Ken Harrenstein, the engineer who has been centrally involved with auto captioning.

We have re-posted the video today, with auto captions included.  Below is our interview with Google's Mike Cohen, the engineer who leads the the company's voice recognition efforts. Again, re-posted.

How Google Creates Transcriptions — The Economist reports on Secret Sauce

In a related story, The Economist explains how search created an effective spell check program for Google and how that has become used in building its multi-language translation tool. 

Andy Plesser, Executive Producer