TubeMogul, the Emeryville-based video syndication and analytics company, has entered into an agreement with Brightcove to provide analytics tools to the big Boston-area video services company.

Analytics around Web video usage has become essential to many publishers and advertisers. 

While TubeMogul's analytics tools are integrated with other video services companies, including thePlatform and Castfire, the deal with Brightcove will allow TubeMogul to market directly to Brightcove's big corporate customers.

Here is the joint press release.

More on this development reported by Erick Schonfeld at TechCrunch.

TubeMogul's New Cost-Per-View Product

Last month in San Jose we spoke with Brett Wilson, TubeMogul's CEO and co-founder.  In this video, he told us about a new company initiative, a "cost-per-view' product for publishers and marketers seeking to reach targeted online audiences.

The company has signed on several major advertising agencies for the new service. 

This new product will also be available through the new Brightcove alliance, Brett told me.

Andy Plesser, Executive Producer

Disclaimer:  Beet.TV uses TubeMogul to syndicate our videos to 15 different sites with the click of a mouse.  This is a free service which we find quite useful. 

Brightcove is a sponsor of Beet.TV