has been paying emerging video producers as as much as $40,000 in advertising revenue, according to the story in USA Today by Jefferson Graham

Here at Beet.TV, we use as our primary video publishing platform and as our non-exclusive advertising representative.  Blip landed marquis sponsors for us including Adobe, Holiday Inn Express and Akamai. The Akamai program went live today. 

Through Blip's efforts, and keeping our costs low, Beet.TV is breaking even.  Yeah!

Graham writes that Blip had 32 million streams in January.  Mike Hudack, CEO, citing internal logs, says that number of streams is closer to 60 million.

The crew write about the USA Today piece on their blog.

I've republished an interview with co-founder/COO Dina Kaplan from late last year.

— Andy Plesser,  Executive Producer