Checking out the new White House blog, we saw the YouTube clip of the President Barack Obama’s  Inauguration speech. Looks good.  But we wonder if all the White House videos will be hosted by YouTube.

Sure, YouTube has massive reach and scale but there are issues about YouTube’s tracking of cookies and privacy, as Chris Soghoian pointed out on CNET this morning.  Also, the content will be hosted on YouTube servers, not government ones.

One conservative media blogger, Gregg Pollowitz of the National Review wonders if there could be a conflict of interest; after all, Google CEO Eric Schmidt was a big supporter of President Obama. In a related development, CrunchGear reports that White House staffers are permitted to use Gmail accounts. Scandal! Google rising over the White House!

More on the Obama/Google issues on Read/Write/Web.

Well, we don’t think there are too many critical issues here, but there are certainly opportunities for the White House to host and manage their own videos. I suppose they have other things to do right now.

McCain-Palin Campaign Live on on!

Meanwhile the online video campaign for John McCain is still up and running, and you can still find your favorite campaign clips.  Although the campaign closed its campaign site on Election Day, the videos live on. is not taking down the site as it is the responsibility of the channel owner.

— Andy Plesser, Executive Producer