For the past several weeks, we have been uploading hundreds of our videos to CrunchBase, the TechCrunch database of the 6000 or more companies the influential tech blog follows. 

There is no financial arrangement here, and this is not an exclusive arrangement by any means, but it is an extremely valuable way to expand attention for for Beet.TV and we are delighted that Erick and Michael have invited us to upload.

To see our videos on CrunchBase, check out the pages of MySpace, Google, The New York Times Company, EQAL, Kyte,, Brightcove, Blinkx, The Washington Post Company, MSNBC, CNN, VideoEgg and many others. 

Earlier this summer I interviewed TechCrunch co-editor Erick
Schonfeld about the value of video in telling the story and giving the
"pitch."  In July, TechCrunch launched a page to allow start-ups to upload 60 second video "pitches."  I have reposted the interview here.

We are Covering TechCrunch 50 in San Francisco

Kelsey Blodget, our intrepid associate producer, is in San Francisco to cover the conference. If you
have cool company for us to cover, please let her know.  We are
particularly hopeful to connect with the TechCrunch 50, which have not
yet been disclosed
. She is kelsey(at) and her mobile number is

Best wishes to Michael, Erick and the whole TechCrunch team for another successful show.  And thank you very much for inviting us to post our clips to CrunchBase.

You can find the entire archives of Beet.TV videos right here.

— Andy Plesser, Executive Producer