Ovi, Nokia’s online platform for sharing information from mobile devices, just expanded considerably, reports John Biggs over at CrunchGear.  He writes:

"The first and most important update is their file sharing system. After
installing the Nokia Ovi Suite on your PC or laptop – it doesn’t work
with Mac although there is some talk this will be remedied – you can
visit all of your files remotely via a browser on your phone or on
another computer. You can preview and download any file – from
documents to your CONFIG.SYS file – and upload files to your computer.
Obviously you have to have your computer on to do this, but it’s
interesting nonetheless."

Earlier this summer, we interviewed Nokia’s Kamar Shah, global head of
industry and marketing.  He speaks about Ovi for video sharing and the
upcoming integration of maps and location-based advertising.  Check out
Kelsey’s original post.  I’ve republished the interview here.

— Andy Plesser, Executive Producer