Getting digital content from multiple home computers and servers to the television is the goal of HP, Apple, Microsoft and others.  Earlier this summer HP introduced Media Smart Connect, a $349 device which pulls content from various PC’s, Macs and servers via WiFi to a television set.

Rex Crum over at MarketWatch has a comprehensive story up today on the race to the networked home.

For an explanation of HP’s Media Smart Connect, I interviewed Carlos
Montalvo, VP at Connected Entertainment Business, HP.  I interviewed
him at Digital Hollywood in May.  I have republished it today.

Carlos was a participant at the Beet.TV Online Video Roundtable held at Stanford in July.  Here is a video of him discussing the future of digital media in the home.

As for what could be on the horizon for HP and the prospect of
embracing Linux, check out this fascinating story in the new issue of Business

— Andy Plesser, Executive Producer