Today, as part of big site redesign, MySpace is unveiling a new video player.  We haven’t seen it yet, but here is what the company is saying about it:

"The new player
includes scrubber, time-stamp, volume memory, new menu system, greater sharing
functionality and more…..The player
offers a more flexible advertising platform with multiple Ad Providers and
formats (pre, post, ticker, companion banners)…..It also enables
full support of HD, for ADP"

On Tuesday, I was at the MySpace headquarters in Beverly Hills where I interviewed Jason Kirk, VP of MySpaceTV.  This is the second of two interviews.

For more on the redesign, check out this story by Caroline McCarthy from CNET

Update:  The New York Times Brian Stelter has a feature in Monday’s time about MySpace and advertising revenue. 
— Andy Plesser