LOS ANGELES – Flixwagon, the Boston/Tel Aviv-based developer of live mobile video streaming technology, is streaming live video on an Apple iPhone, on a demonstration basis. 

The application works on an unlocked iPhone for the moment, which means it is not practical for most users.  The company hopes this demonstration will lead to integration into the popular Apple device.  Right now, the only phones which support live video streaming from Flixwagon are the Nokia running on the Symbian OS.

Yesterday in Los Angeles at the OnHollwyood conference, I interviewed Sarig Reichert, co-founder Flixwagon.

Sarig sent me this link with a few videos broadcast with an iPhone.  These videos were done in the Flixwagon labs using an unlocked iPhone.  BTW: Sarig says the company is not encouraging users to unlock their iPhones.  But, it evidently works.

— Andy Plesser