LOS ANGELES – Seesmic, a new "video conversation company" launched by uber blogger Loic Le Meur, will provide a plug-in for video comments to be uploaded to MoveableType and TypePad blogs later this month, Beet.TV has learned.

I caught up with Seesmic evangelist Cathy Brooks at a poolside party on Monday night at the Digital Hollywood conference. 

Earlier this month, Seesmic provided a plug-in for WordPress blogs. Today, some 300 blogs are using the plug-in.  The availability to upload videos to the popular TypePad and MoveableType platforms will surely drive adoption.

Whether video uploads will be more than a fascinating development and if it will become a part of the blogesphere is tough to say, as Josh Catone over at Read/Write/Web has pointed out.

I think video comments could be huge for popular culture blogs.  Not sure if businesspeople will upload to blogs like Beet.TV, but we hope to give it a try on this TypePad-powered blog soon.

— Andy Plesser